(213) 479-3603

944 S. Lucerne Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019


(213) 479-3603

944 S. Lucerne Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90019


Supporting YOUR Body through the CHANGES!

From the time of conception, women undergo physical, chemical and emotional changes that allow them to create and provide for new life without any assistance from the outside world. During these incredible 9 months, pregnant women experience changes within their bodies that can be overwhelmingly strenuous, which deserves to be nurtured with quality attention. Therefore, prenatal care at Charms of Care caters to pregnant women in a very special way by combining prenatal body work & pregnancy stretches/techniques that will help women to adapt to this new experience with less challenges. So, regardless of where you are during your pregnancy, having a body that is working and thriving at its best, can create an optimal environment for a healthy & more comfortable pregnancy, labor, and birth… AND create a healthier womb/home for baby.laughing

Prenatal Care at Charms of Care can help a woman to:

   Decrease common pregnancy symptoms (ie: low back/hip pain, round ligament pain etc)
  Create BALANCE within her body, thus creating more room for her baby
  Reduce time of her labor and birth
  Work TOGETHER with her baby during labor
   Decrease stress and birth with CONFIDENCE
  Maintain a comfortable & HEALTHIER pregnancy
   Expedite her postpartum recovery

When to Start Care:

It is recommended to start no later than the start of 3rd trimester for the best results as it relates to preparing for birth.


Community Outreach

Dr. Charminae is passionate about offering workshops and classes to impact the perinatal community to IMPROVE birth outcomes ONCE IN-PERSON GROUP SETTINGS ARE ALLOWED. Extremely EMPOWERED & AUTHENTIC, she is a perfect combination of engaging and informative. To book Dr. Charminae for your organization, event, or podcast, please click the tab below.

Labor & Birth Sessions

For your knowledge, Dr. Charminae offers nurturing care to birthing mamas at their birth location or personal environments. This allows us to provide them with the care that is needed to IMPROVE the labor and birth experience for both mama & babe.