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Postpartum & Pediatrics


(213) 479-3603

944 S. Lucerne Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019


(213) 479-3603

944 S. Lucerne Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90019

Postpartum & Pediatrics

Supporting YOUR Recovery

The Forgotten Phase

Your health in postpartum, just like pregnancy is VERY IMPORTANT, but it is often overlooked for new moms. Your body has just endured the most intense/difficult experience that it will probably ever encounter as a woman, and now it is time to adapt to life after growing a whole human being.
This transition is not always easy, but it is the perfect time to properly care for your body through chiropractic and other supportive measures that can make this time less painful and less stressful for you.

Let's DECREASE common postpartum symptoms by helping you with:

  • Minimizing additional tension on the body from 4th trimester experience (i.e.: breastfeeding, constantly picking up or carrying your baby’s necessities (stroller, car seat, etc.))
  • Expediting vaginal and/or abdominal healing 
  • Minimizing postpartum mental & emotional stressors 
  • Decreasing breastfeeding challenges for continued success (our breastfeeding support differs from what lactation consultants provide, but it works in conjunction with it)
To support the post-birth healing process & to help with the adaptation to new mommy demands on the body, it is recommended to start chiropractic care no later than 4 weeks into postpartum.

Supporting their Growth & Development

Giving your child the BEST start to life

When these beautiful little beings are born, although they are innocent and fragile, just like mama, birth is still a traumatic experience for them. Regardless of birth method, these kiddos can have misalignments within their spine and pelvis from improper positioning of their bodies during pregnancy, labor, or birth… or a combination of them all, which can create the foundation of their comfort and health. When misalignments are present at birth, it interferes with their ability to thrive effortlessly. Therefore, receiving chiropractic care, allows them to have the BEST opportunity to function with minimal challenges.


At Charms of Care, we check all infants to ensure that their little bodies are functioning optimally, so that issues, if any, can me detected early. Our goal is to meet the needs of your growing child, so that he/she can thrive continuously.

Infant Care at Charms of Care can help babies to:

  • Strengthen their immunity & decrease colds & ear infections (less hospital visits)

  • Decrease digestive issues ( i.e.: better bowel movements)
  • Decrease Colic & Irritable Baby Syndrome experiences (more relaxed & calm)
  • Enhances child’s overall development and  WELL-being
  • Improve breastfeeding latch (our breastfeeding support differs from what lactation consultants provide, but works in conjunction with in.) 
How soon can babies receive chiropractic adjustments? Babies can receive their 1st adjustment as early as hours following birth.

Note: Our care is ONLY for babies within the 1st year of life.