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FAQ – Test


(213) 479-3603

944 S. Lucerne Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019


(213) 479-3603

944 S. Lucerne Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90019

FAQ – Test

Do we accept insurance?

Due to the fact that our focus is on restorative and wellness/holistic care and NOT acute care/therapeutic treatment of disease conditions, we DO NOT provide insurance codes for the purpose of reimbursement. However, we do accept HSA and Flex Spending cards.

Do we serve non-pregnant people?

Our offerings are ONLY geared towards the perinatal community!
Pregnant & postpartum mamas and their sweet, sweet babies (0-1 yoa)

When can I start care during my pregnancy?

You can start your journey with us at any point during your pregnancy, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you begin care by the 3rd trimester to receive the maximum benefits of care. Whenever you are ready, we are here with open arms. 

Click HERE to learn more about our prenatal care!

Is care only needed if I have pain or other symptoms?

No, our care goes beyond pain relief. Actually, its premise is all about creating more connection and balance throughout your body, which can result in (examples):

PREGNANCY | contributing to a healthier environment for your baby to grow and thrive & allow more space for your baby to get into the optimal/best position.

LABOR |  improving the efficiency and time of your labor and birth.

POSTPARTUM | helping you with adaptation to motherhood by supporting your breastfeeding experience, expedite your healing process by removing built up tension throughout your body, and your baby’s body too, which can typically be ignored.

Note: Just because your body is not exemplifying symptoms, does NOT mean that underlying issues are NOT present.  

How do I know if I need Dr. Charminae during my labor?


  • Back Labor: you are experiencing painful contractions (expansions) in your lower back that is difficult for you to manage. This is typically caused by a posterior position of baby
  • Malposition of baby (i.e.: shoulder dystocia or asynclitic baby (head tilted sideways). These positions are determined by your midwife or OB
  • Labor is NOT progressing (i.e.: stuck at 6 cm for several hours)


If you are experiencing this or any other scenario causing your labor to be extremely difficult for you, please text us or leave us a message, and Dr. Charminae will contact you to help as soon as time permits.

Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of care during labor & birth!

How soon can my baby receive chiropractic adjustments?

Your baby can receive his/her 1st adjustment as early as hours following birth to help with adaptability to life after the womb. 

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What is considered an emergency in order to contact Dr. Charminae's business cell?

If you are in labor or experiencing crippling symptoms beyond your control, please call Dr. Charminae for guidance. Otherwise, please schedule a session or leave us a message and we promise to contact you at our earliest opportunity.

Does Dr. Charminae have an online resource to help pregnant mamas everywhere?

Yes, download Dr. Charminae’s PREGNANCY PLAYBOOK. This playbook is a 5-step beginners’s guide to help you get the birth you desire!